Investors lose four lakh crores in two days New Delhi 12 Sep 2018

The black money and the hawala business through it has been a concern for the government for a long time. For this, significant reforms like notebooks, GST and Rare have also been implemented with all laws like anti-money laundering, although there is no expected results. Therefore, the government will look at the names and addresses of companies through geo tags by making the technology a big weapon and also identify the mask companies.

With the loss of around 1000 points in the two-day business cycle market, investors lost Rs 4.14 lakh crore capital. With the bounce in crude oil and rupee depreciation, the Sensex dived 509 points on Tuesday and reached a one-month low. .

Selling was seen in the stock markets and the Sensex closed at 37,413.13, even after reaching the record low of 72.69 against the dollar against the dollar. The Sensex on Monday also had 468 points broken. At the same time, the Nifty fell by 151 points to 11,287.50. .

Rupee depreciated 24 paise and broken rupee: Rupee tumbled 24 paise to close at record low of Rs 72.69 per dollar on Tuesday due to rising dollar demand. Rupee rose 20 paise to 72.25 in morning trade between the banks and exporters. However, later 24 paise dropped to 72.74, but after the intervention of Reserve Bank * it closed * at 72.69. .

More than lakh suspected companies hang sword

Unregistered lacquer mask firm

GPS provides precise location within the radius of the meter.

There are millions of registered companies across the country.

Growing trade deficit

The trade deficit could reach $ 17-18 billion in August due to increased imports. With this, foreign exchange reserves will also fall below $ 400 billion. From $ 426 billion in April, it has reached $ 400.10 billion in the first week of September.



It is important to mention the income of the mutual fund in the returns

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