Government can give big dividend to the Reserve Bank of India

The Reserve Bank can give an interim dividend of 30 to 40 thousand crore to the government struggling to achieve the fiscal deficit target. Sources say that the central bank can announce its announcement on February one before the budget.

By this market update, this amount is a big relief for the ongoing government, with the aim of keeping the fiscal deficit at 3.3 percent of GDP in the financial year 2018-19. The government needs around one lakh crore rupees to achieve this goal. Sources say that the central government can stop the tax refund of some big companies till the end of the financial year. Sources linked to the case say that this amount will be three to four times the interim dividend given last year. Although the Governor of the Reserve Bank, Das has said so much that the central bank will make a final decision on giving an interim dividend to the government, then it will be announced.

This will be the second consecutive year, in addition to the normal payment in August, the interim dividend to the RBI center. Last year the interim dividend was ten thousand crores. In August, when he got Rs 40 thousand crores. If the government gets an interim dividend of Rs 30-40 thousand crores before March, then it will reach 70 to 80 thousand crore rupees in the entire financial year.

There is a fall in the debt of government banks, which is a good sign for the banking sector. If banks have to fulfill their accountability, and some banks have to come to a better position, then they have to maintain it. – Empowering Das, RBI governor

The Reserve Bank Governor, while sternly commenting on the debt waiver, said that before such announcements, governments should see the situation of the treasure. The debt waiver of farmers has a very bad effect on loan culture and the behavior of the debtor. They met small and medium businessmen on Monday. The traders agreed that the creditors also got the facility of credit restructuring outside the realm of GST. Entrepreneurs complained of intentional delay in payment of supply to government companies and large traders

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