It may be cheaper to watch the TV Channels ( TRAI ).

In the future, it may be cheaper to watch the TV.  Indian Telecom Regulatory Commission (TRAI) has assured DTH customers that if they do not choose a new tariff package by February, then the TV channels will not be closed. For the duration of the old prepaid recharge, they will be able to take advantage of the old package of their company.

In a special dialogue with India, TRAI Chairman RS Sharma clarified on Wednesday that the time limit for implementing the new tariff related to the prices of the channels will not increase, but if the customer has already kept a long period ie 6 months, one year recharged And if he wants to continue it even then DTH company will follow it completely. If a monthly recharge has been done before February, then the old package will continue until the recharge is over. Though the long-term consumer recharged, if he adopts new tariff system in the middle, then the amount will be transferred to his account according to the price of the new plan. He expressed confidence that the new tariff system would be admired without any inconvenience to the customers. The TRAI chief has said that new tariff arrangements will be beneficial for customers, channels and cable operators and customers will have to pay only for their choice channels.

If the companies later lower the rate, then it can be added or subtracted later.

Monthly expenditure is already higher, then some package-channels drop for a short period of time.

If the company has a cheap plan for you, then select it.

After selecting the channel, compare the special package you have made for the company.

You do not have to pay any money for the freeware channel.

If you watch a channel of sports or movie, do not package it.

Just like the star’s six channels are on the list, it is better to take the package.

See how many of these channels belong to a broadcaster or company.

First, make a list of your favorite and watched channels.

There is a special plan, broadcaster package, separate channel list for every customer.

The current system is built on the basis of MRP and if the service provider wants the channel can be cheap but it should not be expensive. They also indicated the scope for lowering the prices of channels in the future. In the previous system, the client had no rights. On top of that, the number of channels and its pack were used. By this update, now people have got the freedom to choose channels.

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